Because bending over backwards is overrated!

Un-Bendable, Un-Breakable, Un-Believable Signage

Oh, the possibilities of rigid materials!

We can make cutouts of your idols, display panels to show off your best photos, coasters for your drinks, and puzzles to make your brain work. And if you need something custom, we’ve got you covered with personalized boxes.

Of course, we do have those days where we’re just cutting straight lines, but we jazz it up with our high-tech flatbed printers and precision mounting table for that perfect vinyl application.

Rigid Products

The Secret to Structural Success!

Don’t settle for flimsy items that will buckle under stress. Choose rigid products and stay firm and steadfast in any situation!

Precision Inking

Prints so fresh, you’d think they just sprouted from a colorful garden! Sleek’s wielding the latest and greatest in Latex technology, so you can breathe easy knowing there’s no funky odors hanging around. Plus, we’re rocking the Clean Air Certified badge like the enviro-friendly heroes we are.

Perfect Sizing

Why settle for small when you can go big? Our printer options range from tall to tallest – 6 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet, and a whopping 16.5 feet! It’s time to make a statement and leave an unforgettable impact. Go ahead, super size it!

Flexible Designs

We’re talking cutouts of your favorite celebrities (standees), panels that will make your display game strong, coasters that will make your morning cup of joe even better, puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours, custom boxes that will make your packaging game on point, and so much more!


Rigid Materials Take the Lead in Strength and Durability

Our product range is as strong as Hulk and as flexible as a contortionist! We have got it all – from the light and sturdy Coroplast, to the unbreakable Bubble X, to tried and true cardboard. There’s truly no project out materials can’t handle!


This durable and lightweight material is perfect for all your sign needs. Whether you need to advertise your yard sale, promote your business, or create a hilarious meme to share with your friends, coroplast has got you covered. It’s waterproof, fade-resistant, and even customizable with different colors and designs.


Get ready to experience a superhero material like no other – Bubble-X! It’s strong AND light, making it the perfect choice for any project where weight matters. From point-of-purchase displays to wall and floor assemblies, and even sleeve packs and transit totes – there’s nothing Bubble-X can’t do!


With its sleek and smooth finish, Dibond is like the James Bond of materials, effortlessly blending in with any design scheme. Whether you’re decking out your space with captivating signs, jaw-dropping art installations, or out-of-this-world exhibits, Dibond’s got your back.


Styrene is the versatile and flashy guest at the party that always brings the fun. This material can withstand extreme temperatures and is even resistant to chemicals. Whether you need a funky sign for your business or a custom display stand, Styrene has got you covered!  


Looking for a tinted, textured material that can turn any old surface into a masterpiece? Look no further than Sintra! This PVC board is as fun as it is functional, providing a perfect backdrop for all your wildest creative endeavors.


This lightweight and durable material is made up of tiny hexagonal cells, just like a real honeycomb. Not only does it provide excellent insulation and structural support, but it also looks darn cute as a pattern! You’ll be buzzing with excitement over the possibilities of honeycomb material!


Once thought of as just a basic packaging material, cardboard has finally emerged as the true hero of marketing mavens everywhere! With its versatile and durable nature, cardboard can be transformed into everything from eco-friendly standees to the coolest custom puzzles.

Card Stock

Whether you’re crafting handmade invitations, designing your latest masterpiece, or just need a sturdy surface to jot down your thoughts, card stock has got you covered. With its thick, durable texture and endless color options, it’s the ultimate blank canvas for all your creative endeavors.


This material isn’t just a sign, it’s a personality. It’s lightweight, durable, and easy to work with – basically the superhero of sign-making materials.

With its vibrant and eye-catching colors, Signply will make your message pop!


Foamcore: it’s like cardboard’s cool cousin. This double-sided beauty is firm yet flexible, perfect for all your creative needs. Whether you’re making a poster or even a life-size cutout of your favorite celebrity crush, foamcore always has your back.


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Don’t be a softy, join the excitement of working with sturdy materials that stand the test of time!

Get in on the rigid revolution and contact us today! Or, if you’d like to peruse your options a little more, no problem: download our brochure below.

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